Steven is 25 years old now.


Steven is restless every now and then. Not very often but sometimes it is getting very vigorous and we can`t calm him down. We have no idea what the cause could be. So every time when it occurs we try to figure out if there is something in common with the last time. Maybe its the food, drink, sensory impressions or so...? Otherwise Steven is doing well. Although he seems to be quite satisfied to play by himself with his toys, he also enjoys it to be among people and to go places that he haven`t seen before.

So again we made a few trips this year: to the german northsee coast to the city of Emden, from Dover along the southcoast of England and all the way to cornwall and last but not least to Turkey.


Steven on the "Rollfiets" bicycle. In the background the most leaning building of the world: the church of the village of Suurhusen (near Emden, Germany). Even more leaning than the leaning tower of Pisa (Italy).

Brighton at the pier.

Stonehenge: That`s magic

At Lands End (Cornwall, England).


Mediterranean coast near Silifke (Turkey)

It`s fun and the water is warm (Tasucu, Turkey)


After having had a fishsandwich aboard one of the restaurant boats in the harbour of the town of Mersin (Turkey)