Steven is 19 years old now. 
This year we rented a mobile home for vacation.  We tried to find out if it works with Steven. And it went pretty good :-)
In the back of the car Steven had his bed and playground.
We visited Lutherstadt Wittenberg and had a look at the "Thesentür" where Martin Luther pinned his 95 thesis in october 1517 which started the reformation in Germany.
We also visited Dresden. Steven loved the sounds of the hurdy-gurdy.

On our way back we stopped over at The Castle of Sanssoucie. The beautifull park featuring a tea pavilion decorated with gold leaf, a vineyard and much more...

All in all the tour with the mobile home was a great success. We also figured out what spezial things we need with Steven in a mobile home. So next time the mobile home has to have a garage to park the wheelchair. Because of Stevens restless sleep, it also needs to have supports.


Its also good to be back home.