Steven is 23 years old now.

This year Steven`s developmental progresses were somewhat slower than the years before. Since we didn`t change anything in the developmental efforts, maybe the reason is that he is getting into adulthood.

He still suffers from severe bowel movement problems. At least every 5 days it has to be enforced. So good recordkeeping is very important. And at those days it might be the case, that we can finish it in half an hour, but it might also take half a day.

When he is unpleasant whith something like not having had bowel movement for days, or being frustrated with something else he bites himself at the side of the palm or his upper arm. That is burdening but on the other side it can be understood as a way to communicate.

Doesn`t it simply show: "Help me" or " There`s something wrong" ?

Often the problem is obvious and we can solve it quickly. And .... 23 years without speaking a word and figuring out what the problems might be, sure helps. But sometimes there is still no way to tell what`s wrong or you just cannot remedy it.

Twice a week there is a personal attendant who takes care of Steven. Together they preferedly visit restaurants for Steven`s favourate snacks: salad and french fries. That`s not just for his enjoyment, but helps in learning good manners in a restaurant too ( like not quickly grabbing thomething from the neighbours table, etc... ;-) ).

But they also go swimming, horseback- and trainriding, or just walking a good way along with his walker-trainer. With the walking-trainer his persistence is just remarkable!

Here are some pictures from 2008. Most of them from our summer vacation tour to Italy.