Steven is 21 years old now.

Steven`s physical abilities did not improve very much. While standing on his feet he still is not able to keep balance and must be supported by a helping person.

So we often use the wheelchair-bicycle, also when we are on a trip. The pictures show it on a trip to the german baltic seacoast in February.
In August we made a trip to Norway. It was just great: nice people, great weather and nature and excellent fishing grounds. Even when waiting on the numerous ferries which we had to take to cross all the fjords, besides drinking tea, fishing is one of the favourite actions. The picture, in which Steven is demonstrating his "fishingtechnique", was taken at a lakeside 50 miles north of the arctic circle.
This picture was taken in the morning just after waking up. Steven sits on his bed in the mobile home. From the Lofot islands we later on made a whale watching trip and where allowed to experience 7 big sperm whales very close.