Steven is 17 years old now. This year he made good progress in keeping eyecontact. It`s still only breef, but better than before. And he allows now to be touched, but still that has not to be too firmly. His bowel movement problems have increased. This summer it became so bad, that he had to be hospitalized. It doesn`t work anymore without enema. So at least every 5 days we have to do that.

Here Steven sits on his chair in the kitchen, waiting to be fed. He still loves raw vegetables and all cruchy food.

He is fond of rocking in this seat. That way he can move backword with it, until being stopped by the kitchen unit that you can see in the background. Then he tries to grab things within his reach. That`s the time you really have to get fast :-)


Steven loves to be in the garden. Bad thing is, he still tries to chew and swollow everyting that he can grasp: grass,.stones, sand.....just everything!


When he is not satisfied anymore with sitting, we get him busy with rocking on the swing (he can hold his balance there) or walking around.


As you can see from this picture he is still not able to keep balance when walking by himself at all. We have to hold him from the back and guide him, keeping our body real close to Steven, for his confidence.