Steven can sit by himself! The visual contact becomes better and better. Steven recognizes us, is happy, if he sees us. He shows, if he would like to be on the arm and wants to be hugged. He exactly knows what he wants even if he cannot always express it.
Steven likes noises, best of all rustling with paper and plastic bags . He holds everything close to his ear. He smells his toys since some time. If he is tired, he gets very ticklish. He likes to rage, to rock and loves fast movements.
A problem are the meals. Steven doesn't chew correctly. Often he swallows completely, declines many foods. But he likes to eat things which make noises like paprika, cucumbers, carrots, nuts, sand and grass. He puts everything into the mouth. How often he has already turned blue because he has swallowed something, I cannot count any more. Anyway, I don't panic anymore and remain very calm.