Steven is 6 years old now and we have moved again. This time to Wildeshausen near Bremen. Steven is a happy child. Only occasionally he starts crying or shows autoaggressions, if he feels left alone or has flatulences. He isn't clean yet, but a toilet training (with toilet chair) is carried out. At the meal he needs support. He prefers hard foods, such as apple slices, paprika, nuts etc. and can eat it by himself, if the pieces are not too big. Soft foods he kneads and squashes in his hand, however puts it finally to the mouth and eats it. He cannot handle a spoon, from the feeding cup he drinks occasionally by himself but drops it easily. Steven can neither walk nor crawl yet. He moves by slipping on his bottom while he supports himself with both hands. At this he takes everything into the mouth which comes within his reach.



Steven was always very touch sensitive at the whole body. By specific exercises in the physiotherapy as well as the ergotherapie this hypersensibility was partly reduced and first standing and striding successes could be obtained. He can be motivated by music and noises very well. Everything which causes loud noises have effect on him and he slips specifically towards this object. He also tries to produce noises with his body, knocks on the bucket seat with his hand, stamps with his feet on the footrests etc. He cannot speak, but lately it can be observed that he starts to mumble. However he can articulate his needs by facial expression and definite sound remarks. He is on a development standard of approx. 8 months.