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kris (
Datum:Mo 06 Aug 2012 21:26:56 CEST
 Many who will read your books will realize never to loose hope and move on hoping the best.

Elaine Champagne (
Datum:Fr 27 Jul 2012 16:44:44 CEST
Betreff:Thank you, very much!
 As a friend of several children living with "Cri du Chat", I really appreciated your website with all the positive, honest information about real life with these challenging people. Best wishes to your family. E

Eva Pavlovic (
Datum:Do 05 Jul 2012 01:23:37 CEST
Betreff:Fantastic Timeline for Steven..
 What a fantastic timeline you have made for Steven, I wish I had the time to do this for my son Ranon too who also has cdc syndrome, It's lovely to see Steven has so much support from his family. Congradulations and good luck to you all xxx

Emmy M (
Datum:Sa 15 Okt 2011 13:18:27 CEST
Betreff:Thank you from Canada
 I didn't know anything about Cri du chat until reading the diary linked from Wikipedia. You are an amazing family and have such patience; but if my own child was afflicted with any genetic disorder, I would try to be the same. I love the pictures of Steven, the pictures with his father in the waves are so sweet. :) Best of luck in your continuing love and care.

Brian Sohn (
Datum:Do 08 Sep 2011 05:57:54 CEST
Betreff:Thank you for sharing your story and love
 Thank you very much for sharing your story and the obvious love you all share as a family.

Nubienne (
Datum:Fr 12 Aug 2011 13:11:23 CEST
Betreff:Wonderful Family
 God blessed you with Steven, and blessed him with you. I know these pictures are only a snapshot of your lives since 1985, but you are giving this young man a wonderful and full living experience. I work with special adults with various physical and mental challenges, and it is clear that your family is dedicated to giving Steven a full life. May God bless you for being dedicated to your child's success, and to Mom especially, you are awesome =)

April (
Datum:Sa 06 Aug 2011 17:54:38 CEST
Betreff:Hello from Florida!
 Hi! I loved reading Steven's story. I have a son (Stephen) who is 20 and has Asperger's Syndrome and I am a teacher of developmentally disabled adults as well as a caregiver and inhome support person in my spare time. Steven was a beautiful child and has grown into a handsome young man. He is lucky to have such devoted and caring parents! I'm glad you take him on so many vacations! That must be so nice for him! I love taking my friends out so they can experience the world and so people can see how special they are. Good Luck and Thank You for sharing your son with the world!

sharon hesketh (
Datum:Sa 25 Jun 2011 22:07:13 CEST
Betreff:community support worker
 Hello, i have to say i really enjoyed reading Steven's story. In my role as a support worker i support a lady with cdc, she is now 43 years old and is still going strong and it is truly amazing the simililarities, although she does a great deal of self harming and i can appreciate how finding out what symptoms to look for are quite challenging. Here is to you steven and i wish you all the best for the future in whatever you do, and also i really admire your parents stamina and determination to give you a normal life as possible. Kind Regards Sharon.

Irene Patino (
Datum:Di 14 Jun 2011 03:13:46 CEST
 This page is a great resource! Steven and I are the same age but my 19 year old sister has CDC. It's amazing to see the similarities in appearance and behavior. I need to get her life documented because it feels like I blinked and she wasn't a baby anymore!

Janny (
Datum:Sa 04 Jun 2011 08:53:46 CEST
Betreff:you are great
 you are great guys!!! i really liked the story and wish you all good luck? a lot of strengh, energy and inspiration!

Freima (
Datum:Fr 03 Jun 2011 22:10:02 CEST
Betreff:Danke schon
 Danke sehr Steven, sehr interessant. I have recently met a child with CDC and I found your diary very interesting. Before a few weeks ago I did not know anything about CDC; I had never heard of it before. It is good of you and your parents to share your story. Danke schon jetzt.

Zane Holmstrup (
Datum:Mi 13 Apr 2011 16:08:43 CEST
 As a person living with a genetic disorder, I can see how bad it can be. Thank you steven for giving me new Hope!

Daisey Lee (
Datum:Fr 25 Feb 2011 22:42:31 CET
 I'm a high school student in the United States and we are currently doing researches on genetic disorder. I came across this webpage and I just fell in love with how Steven's parent are so lovening. I will never understand how it is to be a Cri du Chat parent, but this webpage, has made my eyes open. I just wanted to say that you guys have an inspiring story and I hope that Steven will live a wonderful and happy life.

Alexis from Chicago, USA (
Datum:Sa 15 Jan 2011 00:41:12 CET
Betreff:Hello Steven and Family
 I appreciate how Steven's family is so loving. One of my hobbies is to learn things on the internet, and there is so much interesting information out there. I can't visit this site without crying, I don't cry out of sadness, I cry because of the beauty of the unconditional love that this family shows. Steven you are an angel!

Shozub Zaidi (
Datum:Mi 01 Dez 2010 05:13:22 CET
 Steven you are inspireing

Dana McDowell (
Datum:Mo 29 Nov 2010 05:18:02 CET
Betreff:Thank you Steven!
 Thank you Steven for allowing me into your life. My daughter is 27 and she also has Cri-Du-Chat. You are a wonderful and handsome young man who makes the world a brighter place. :)

Laura Dalrymple (
Datum:Di 04 Mai 2010 20:59:42 CEST
Betreff:Cri Du Chat
 Your story is inspring and you have been through so much. I came here looking for some information on Cri Du Chat for a school project that I didnt even want to do. I am now captivated by your story and very excited to learn more and more about this disorder. I think that you are an amazing person and that it must have been hard. Good luck for your future and you are in my prayers. :D

Katie Dew (
Datum:So 04 Apr 2010 19:35:25 CEST
Betreff:Thank you!
 Your story was very inspiring... I used information for a project on Cri Du Chat. I wish you the best of luck, God Bless!

carmel (
Datum:So 07 Feb 2010 03:44:31 CET
 very inspiring to read your diary! wishing you all the best

Katie (
Datum:Fr 05 Feb 2010 04:50:27 CET
 you are so amazing. the things you have gone through throughout your life amaze me. the information from this website has really opened my eyes to cri-du-chat, and i want to thank you and your family and friends for that, because i am doing a research report on cri-du-chat for biology and the information from someone that has gone through it is much more valuable to me then information from google, because it's real life. you're an amazing human being, and i wish the best for you katie

Danielle (
Datum:Di 02 Feb 2010 00:30:29 CET
Betreff:Thank you!
 Thank you so much for sharing your story! I was taking a study break from Genetics and looking at various diseases, and somehow I found your page! I cannot think of a more productive way to spend my break! :) Your family is truly inspirational, and Steven is SO blessed to have parents who love and care for him so deeply! He was put in your life for a reason! God bless you!

Sue Rumbaugh (
Datum:Mi 30 Dez 2009 01:10:14 CET
Betreff:Thank you
 Thank you for sharing this information. It is very important that we understand how the loss of genetic material affects human development. It is also critical that we learn, from individuals such as yourselves, that many things can be done to help such individuals to lead a more normal life. Please give your son my very best wishes and congratulations for life.

Annie (
Datum:Fr 23 Okt 2009 00:04:53 CEST
Betreff:Hi, Steven!
 What a wonderful family you have. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I work with infants and toddlers with special needs, and I conduct trainings and provide resources to others in my company. I hope you don't mind if I share your website with my team; it's so informative and helpful. Hope all is well with you this year. -Annie Cooper

Gnan (
Datum:Fr 16 Okt 2009 04:31:06 CEST
 May god bless you

Kathy Behrens (
Datum:Mo 08 Jun 2009 04:20:03 CEST
Betreff:Thank you
 My friend's grandbaby has CDC, and so I am trying to learn about it. Your story, pictures and journal have been very helpful to me. I was very moved to read your diary and went from year to year eager to learn more. You may wonder some times what your life would have been like if Steven had not had this problem. But how very rich your life has become through the love and care you have given your son. And how very many lives you have touched by sharing what you have experienced. You will never know how far Steven's life and story will travel around the world, but I thank you for letting me see a tiny part of it. God bless you.

Elana (
Datum:Mo 11 Mai 2009 02:23:00 CEST
Betreff:very interesting and well done!
 I don't know anyone with Cri du Chat, but I found this site extremely interesting and very touching. I think your family is doing a wonderful job with Steven, and I wish you all the best!

Roxanne King (
Datum:Do 29 Jan 2009 11:38:53 CET
Betreff:What a lovely journel; and so factual and useful as a practistionor
 I currently work with a young girl who also has Cri Du Chat, and I have got to say that you web page has been very useful and factual. The milestones kept were intersting, and useful as I'm currently documenting her development. I also give you great praise for the journel kept, and it's lovely to see pictures and so much information. You must be very proud. I hope your future is a bright and happy one! Roxanne King x

Amy (
Datum:Di 27 Jan 2009 22:26:17 CET
Betreff:What an amazing journey!!!
 I just found your website while surfing the web for Cri-du-chat info and might I say I am compelled by the work as a parent you have done! This is amazing! I work with an individual with cri-du-chat, I am her professional support care-taker and it's a daily challenge as she exhibits alot of the same things as your son. She has a really hard time sleeping and that is why I wanted to look up info on this ailment because I believe her insomnia is due to her illness and others disagree. It was great to read your awesome 22 years of noting your son's condition!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Lauri (
Datum:Mi 17 Dez 2008 23:01:07 CET
Betreff:greetings from Seattle, Washington, USA
 Just wanted to say I found your site very moving. Although I'm sure you experience frustration and anger, it seems you have approached your life with Steven with grace, patience, and love. It sounds like he enjoys life and is happy much of the time, which undoubtedly makes it easier. It also sounds like Germany has a much better social services system than here in the states. Not surprising, unfortunately. Good luck.

Kimberly (
Datum:Di 14 Okt 2008 20:42:07 CEST
Betreff:Just found you....
 I want to say that I found your diary very touching and I also hope that you have not updated recently due to leading busy wonderful lives. I think you all have done a remarkable job with Steven, being the step-mom to a child with Cerebral Palsy, I can completely be empathetic to the patience and strength of charactor taking care of a disabled child (then ADULT) requires and I say "Kudos" to you for a job well done. Please write and let us (your/Stephens fans) know that you all are well. God Bless you all!

finn fredelund (
Datum:Mo 13 Okt 2008 20:51:42 CEST
Betreff:link to in Denmark

Tara (
Datum:Fr 03 Okt 2008 23:35:06 CEST
Betreff:very moving website
 Yours is an incredible family. Having a profoundly autistic son with epilepsy myself {he is 20, and requires 24/7 help}I know what its like to raise a special needs child, but when I see what limitations you have had to conquor I am moved to tears and very humbled by reading your experiances. Its also heartening to see that, like us, you refuse to give into depression and go on with the business of having fun and giving your son the very best he deserves. God bless you, and keep you, and lets all pray for lots of miracles in the not too distant future.

Y (
Datum:Do 18 Sep 2008 10:20:18 CEST
Betreff:Hello from New Zealand
 Hi! I'm a biomedical science student in New Zealand, and found your site after hearing about CDC in one of my lectures. Just wanted to say thank you for your informative and uplifting site, and I'm very moved by the way you have raised your son - with such a palpable sense of celebration of his life. I wish your family all the best. (PS. Please say hi to Steven for me. :D)

Tammy walser (
Datum:Mo 11 Aug 2008 23:15:55 CEST
Betreff:hello from USA
 I hope all is well. I just read your dairy very touchy story. i'm a caregiver of a young lady with criduchat(age 19). this website is very educational. and has opened my eyes. i just wanted to thank you. your a great parent. tell steven hello.

Bruna (
Datum:Fr 08 Aug 2008 09:38:09 CEST
Betreff:Amazing website
 Hello there! Here's wishing you guys and Steven are doing great, you haven't updated the journal for quite a while, I really hope it's because everything is going so well everyone's busy! :] Your website is wonderful, educational and inspirational. You are wonderful, supportive parents (just like I hope to be) and I am sure Steven is a wonderful son. Best wishes!

Cari Staggs (
Datum:Mo 14 Jul 2008 00:10:33 CEST
Betreff:I am studying CdCS in my HIT class
 I hope all is well with you, Steven!! Hello, from Illinois, USA!! It is a gorgeous day with a strong wind and lots of sunshine today. Hope you have the same. Cari

Miles (
Datum:So 13 Jul 2008 05:18:35 CEST
Betreff:hoping all is well
 Hi Steven! I hope everything is well, you haven't updated your diary for a couple of years now. :) I'm a Biology student and we're studying the CDC syndrome in our genetics class. You are really amazing. Live on! :)

James (
Datum:Mi 18 Jun 2008 05:56:49 CEST
Betreff:Best wishes and thank you
 Hope all is well with Steven and thank you so very much for sharing your stories. As a parent of a child with Fragile X Syndrome I found it both enlightening and inspirational. I hope there is a happy update soon=o)

melani richter (
Datum:Mi 11 Jun 2008 20:38:12 CEST
Betreff:Thank you for sharing......
 Hello, I would just like to say thank you for sharing this information and the wonderful diary of your son. It has touched my heart so, to see the journeys this challenge has taken your family.

moka (
Datum:Di 13 Mai 2008 19:58:27 CEST
 I think he is a really nice looking guy, his eyes are really expressive. Good luck, loving parents and Steven.

Henk (
Datum:Fr 09 Mai 2008 01:12:08 CEST
Betreff:I hope Steven is well, since the site has not been updated for a couple of years...
 My prayers go out to Steven, I hope Steven is well, since the site has not been updated for a couple of years...I am a Med Student and trying to learn of Cri Du Chat and this site was helpful and I am glad such a wonderful family is being supportive. Good job

Haley (
Datum:Do 17 Apr 2008 03:02:33 CEST
 I am doing a project in my 8th grade science class on cri du chat. It's quite an amazing and tragic disease. I didn't know too much about it, but, while very difficult, it's very interesting. I wish Steven and his family the best of luck with everything :)

Katerina (
Datum:So 16 Mär 2008 22:54:10 CET
Betreff:u have done a reat job!
 I am a speech therapist working in Greece in a children's hospital and I needed some information on CDC. I found your site not only informative but also very inspiring. It seems like you have done a beautiful job raising Steven and this reflected in your site. Reading your diary gave me a quite good perspective of what CDC is about (you see we are not taught everything in the University...)and I dare to say a better understanding of CDC characteristics than reading a medical article. Thank you for sharing all this experience. Best wishes for the future to all your family.

laura (
Datum:Do 28 Feb 2008 17:34:54 CET
 ich wollt nur sagen dass ich von deiner homepage! ich arbeite nämlich an meinem spezialgebiet füe meine matura und habe eben auch das thema cri du chat syndrom dabei! ich war überwältigt und überrascht! danke vielmals!! hab viele informationen bekommen!

Keisha Alridge (
Datum:So 17 Feb 2008 02:54:30 CET
Betreff:Great Diary
 It is a great diary that you have made, you see I am 14 and i am presenting a report about Cri Du Chat syndrome and this was very helpful. I hope you get more progress with Steven

V (
Datum:Do 07 Feb 2008 11:45:13 CET
Betreff:Lovely to read
 I just wanted to commend you for your lovely page. I found the site to be most informative as well as inspiring. I work with a 25 year old woman with Cri Du Chat syndrome in a residential home setting. I want to wish you and your family all the best and a happy and healthy future.

chris (
Datum:Do 31 Jan 2008 14:01:18 CET
Betreff:Great page
 hi there! I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed looking over your page about your son. I am a first year medical student, and although we are taught about the biological and chemical consequences of chromosomal abnormalities, the human side of it is conspicuously absent. It was good to see a real story of cdc and how it affects families and the more human side of it. thanks, chris

Ansley T (
Datum:Di 15 Jan 2008 18:03:22 CET
Betreff:Oh wow
 This was such a touching story. I'm a 9th grade student doing research for a genetic disorder project. I found Cri du Chat and through that found Steven. I hope you are very proud of him. He is amazing. I will also be using him in my project to show the effects of Cri du Chat. I hope you don't mind. Feel free to email me

William Grana (
Datum:Di 18 Dez 2007 01:27:25 CET
Betreff:wonderful parents and kid
 I was just reading your journal and I must say that you can all be very proud of the excellent work you're doing. I could sense all this love reading the pages and I find it very touching and commendable. To keep long stories short, I just would like to let you know that you're a wonderful family and that you're all doing a great job. Regards, hope you get all the best.

Sara (
Datum:Mo 10 Dez 2007 00:03:16 CET
Betreff:Wow, amazing
 Your story is so touching and wonderful. I'm doing a project for my bio class, and until i found your website, i didn't understand the full extent of the syndrome. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and it's amazing to know that there are people out there that care so much for others. People like me take life for granted, and this was a real eye opener. Please keep this website updated! Thanks again! :) Say hi to mike and steven and marion and uwe for me!

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